Success Story

A Man Search For Colors,Beyond the nil

A journey of a man to become a dyer has began.He knows.

The color that we see and seek has a story of a Rangrez. Who brings the existence of color possible. A dyer who uniquely changes the tint by just adding a drop of his years of experience and skill. He wakes up every morning unsure that he will find a perfect color that he has been so madly fallen in love with.

Rangrez, Dyer , Colorman we call him by his many names we aren’t just calling but we are describing the part of his very being. He creates new colors every day with thousands of possibilities that he can achieve perfect balance between the Hues. Dyeing is not only a work for him but a divine art given by his Forefathers indeed. The Magical colors that we see aroud us have a man behind them ‘The Rangrez’