Our Master Dyer

Kishor Bile
Mr. Kishore Bile

Mr. Kishor Bile is the 3rd generation dyer living and working in Maheshwar Madhya Pradesh. He apprenticeship by his father late Mr. Nandalalba Bile who was also a well-known dyer of Maheshwar. He taught him to dye with 7 basic colors inspired by Rainbow. Through his days of learning one can see the ideation and vision in him to become the next dyer.

Back then, He was a dyeing supervisor at Rehwa Society. Kishor’s fascination and interest in his work go beyond the realms of curiosity. So, to refine his skill he was further sent to learn more about dyeing & printings in Bombay in the year 1996 by Mrs. Shalini Devi Holkar.

After completion of his course, he got the opportunity to start his dyeing unit in Maheshwar named Kishor Bile Dyeing Works.

From his more than 25 years of experience in dyeing now he has developed a broad color palette over more than 13 thousand colors. now he has became a Master dyer who can match the color from the shade. currently, he his providing his services to non-profitable organizations like; Kalaswaraj Foundation, Gudi Mudi Khadi, The Handloom School and Jhoole Rotary Foundation.