Our Dyeing Process

Scouring and Boiling

To obtain level dyeing good pentetration of the dyestuff and shades of good fastness properties, the impurities have to be removed.

Bleaching the yarn

When white yarn is required or when light or pastel shades to be dyed, it is necessary to bleach the yarn.

Dissolving of color

The required amount of color is taken as per the percentage of shade on the weight of yarn and can be dissolved with hot water.


Addition to the dye bath depends on the depth of the shade.The dye bath is set with the required quantity of water 50° - 60°c.

Washing and drying

To remove the remain particles of color, washing is must.

Crafted in Madhya Pradesh

Every fabric we produce has a story. We seek the best raw materials from around the world and produce high quality knit fabrics for our customers.